Lepanto Brandy: Brandy de Jerez


The first pot stills used by Gonzalez Byass to produce brandy in Jerez were bought from Cognac in 1844.  Lepanto uses pot stills and a double distillation process. Lepanto also fulfills the requirements to be considered a Brandy de Jerez. It is aged in Jerez, aged using the traditional Solera and Criaderas system and aged in barrels previously used for Sherry wine.

There are 3 classifications of Brandy de Jerez—Solera which is aged for more than 6 months in barrels, Solera Reserva, aged for more than 1 year in barrels and Solera Gran Reserva, aged for more than 3 years in barrels.  Lepanto also exclusively uses locally grown Palomino grapes.

This world class brandy is equally suitable with cigars, chocolate or cheese.