Cantine Cellaro: A Gift From The Land

Cantine Cellaro is located in Sambuca di Sicilia about 40 miles southwest of Palermo in Sicily in the region of Agrigento, where beautiful mountains surround Lake Arancio.  This region has been producing grapes for centuries.  The vineyards stretch up to 600 meters above sea level.

Indigenous grape varietals—Nero d’Avola and Insolia carefully farmed to produce best expression of the fruit.

Cantine Cellaro has a special arrangement with the many growers in this region.  The winemaking team carefully selects the best portions of each vineyard depending on clones, position in the vineyard and age of vines.  They then direct the farming of these vineyard rows including reducing the yield per vine, to ensure the highest quality grapes.

Outstanding packaging featuring the snail (Luma) which lives in the vineyards and is evidence of the clean and natural farming which takes place.

The wines are great representations of the region and highly affordable.