Champagne Palmer: The best Champagne to hit America’s shores in decades.

In 1947, Champagne Palmer was founded by a group of seven very established growers in Avize, France. The founders’ prime location within the Montagne de Reims and their strict adherence to traditional production methods helped them produce beautiful wines that quickly became a standard of quality in Champagne. With its reputation for consistently high-quality products, Champagne Palmer grew rapidly, and now encompasses over 300 growers.

Along the picturesque, rolling slopes of Montagne de Reims lie the vineyards of Champagne Palmer. Selected for their locations in two of the most famous sub-regions in Champagne, La Côte de Sézanne, of La Côte de Bar, and La Vallée de La Marne, Palmer’s vineyards enjoy an ideal combination of clay-rich soils, southern sun exposure, and cool climate. The majority of the vineyards, 180 hectares, are on Premier and Grand Cru-designated land.
The grape-varieties are divided into 50% of Chardonnay, 40% of Pinot Noir, 10% of Pinot Meunier: The ideal proportions which shape the unique style of the Palmer cuvées.  While still new to the US market, we think of Champagne Palmer is “the best Champagne to hit America’s shores in decades.”