Domaine De L’Arjolle: Family. Nature. Wine.

Domaine de l’Arjolle, located in Pouzolles, in the Languedoc region of southwest France, was founded by two brothers in 1974. Over the years, they have grown to 90 hectares of vineyards in an area of great diversity of topography and soil.   It is here that not only do they carefully tend to their vineyards, but also the natural space surrounding them.  They have taken great efforts to plant almost 1,000 trees and bushes to encourage the propagation of insects and birds, and clearing surrounding overgrown brush has resulted in the appearance of two varieties of wild orchids.

Harvest dates are chosen by individual parcels of vineyards and berry tasting plays a prominent role.  The first pick of the harvest is by hand to select the best clusters, the remaining three quarters of the harvest is done by machine.

The word arjolle refers to an old clay pot which, in earlier times, the vineyard workers would soak overnight in water and then fill with wine in the morning to take to work in the vineyards.  It is a very early form of refrigeration.  The curved line on the label shows the shape of the pot.