Leon Beyer: Distinctively Dry


At a crossroads, a little way out of the village of Eguisheim, the Léon Beyer winery is quietly perpetuating the time-honored tradition of producing great, classic Alsace wines. The family’s history is inextricably linked to the history of Eguisheim, as the Beyer family have been wine-growers since 1580. Emile Beyer founded the firm in 1867, and it was initially based in the center of the village, before relocating to a former post-house outside the village walls, at the end of the First World War.

The business was then managed by Léon Beyer, who was succeeded by his son of the same name in 1959, who was also Mayor of Eguisheim, as was his father. An enlightened gourmet, the elegant and affable Léon Beyer II – actively seconded by his son Marc, was above all focused on creating the prestigious gastronomic aura that sets the wines apart from the others.

The Leon Beyer vineyards comprise some twenty hectares of vines in Eguisheim and its surrounding area, primarily in the Eichberg and Pfersigberg grand crus. The “grandes cuvées” of the house are marked by the easily recognizable clay-limestone characteristics so typical of this terroir. Moreover, the Beyers purchase additional grapes (equivalent to some fifty hectares) which go to produce their selection and reserve wines.

The wines are all “dedicated” to gastronomy and have the distinction of being decidedly drier than wines typically from this region.