Neyen: The Spirit of Apalta

In 1889, two worlds united and a spirit was born.  Cabernet Sauvignon vines were brought directly from France and planted in Apalta’s unique soils. The spirit grew stronger when, in 1936, Carmenere vines took root filling the air with inexplicable energy.

As the vines evolved, each vintage became more expressive of Apalta’s terroir, and the energy became more profound.   Those who wandered through the vineyards could feel it but could not explain it.

The locals began to simply call it “Neyen. The Spirit of Apalta.”

The vineyard in the Apalta Valley is set apart by nature, wedged between where the Andes Mountains and the Coastal Range unite to form a stunning half-moon, and the old terraces of the Tinguiririca River.

Owing to age and a deep root system, the vineyards require minimal intervention through organic practices.  Granite and volcanic soils from the mountains, along with the river’s clay loam soils, allow for natural drainage and breathe life into rich organic material.

Together with a semi-arid Mediterranean climate, the vineyards offer the perfect conditions for slow ripening of the grapes, achieving balance and elegance.