Skoff: Sublime Sauvignon Blanc

The wine growing area in South Styria covers around 2,300 hectares of vineyards, with around 1,500 growers cultivating grapes. The mild climate and the steep slopes facing south provide the natural prerequisites for good quality. The estate is situated in Gamlitz, the center of the southern Styrian wine area.

Walter Skoff (4th generation, born in 1955) took over from his father after 30 years. He started with 1.7 hectares and today owns 60 hectares (or eleven vineyards within 15 km around the winery).  The vineyards are steep and inclined with mineral soils.  The vines are planted for optimal sunlight exposure and air circulation to provide the ideal conditions for perfect fruit expression, minerality and aging potential. They additionally buy from contract growers on 40 hectares, which results in a total year production of around 600,000 bottles.

Walter soon (uniquely) focused on sauvignon blanc which led to his nickname; Mr. Sauvignon!  As one of the leading wine-estates in Styria they approximately sell 20% of their collection abroad. Their slogan is; wine is life, our life is wine!