Villa del Borgo: Estate grown, a statement of value

Villa del Borgo, produced by Forchir, has its origins in the region of Friuli in northeast Italy. From 230 hectares of estate owned vineyards comes a superb and incredibly affordable Pinot Grigio.  The vineyards straddle the Talgiamento river, around Spilimbergo to the west and Camino al Tagliamento to the east and are blessed with soil carrying ancient deposits of the river and kissed by the Adriatic maritime climatic influences.

While Forchir is one of the earliest recorded bottlers in the region, they now boast a new, state of the art production facility.

The label features the historic 17th century Villa Manin, in nearby Passariano, once the home of the Doge of Venice, and used by Napoleonic troops during his Italian campaign.  The building and surrounding estates are now used for cultural affairs.