Viñas del Vero: Discover the Differences

Vinas del Vero (named after the river Vero) is in the Somontano region of North Eastern Spain in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains.  This is an emerging region, small in area, but ruggedly beautiful with mountains and ravines and characterized by differences in altitude, micro-climates and soils.

Vinas del Vero is the largest producer in the region and many of its vineyards are planted with grape varietals that were transported from France at the time of the “Phylloxera Plague” of the late 19th Century.  Because of the diversity, the various vineyards have all been carefully studied to determine which varietals are best suited for soil composition, micro-climate, altitude and aspect.

Vineyards at some of the higher altitudes also enjoy Mediterranean climates with olives and almonds growing alongside the vines.  One such old vineyard was discovered by Vinas del Vero containing old Garnacha vines from which their Secastilla wine is produced.  Secastilla is a nod to the Secastilla valley and the remains of 7 protective castles (Septum Castella—Seven Castles) which overlook the valley.