Zantho: Love the Lizard

Zantho is situated in Andau, in the region of Burgenland, is southeast of Vienna near the Hungarian border. The hot Pannonian climate supports the production of indigenous red grapes. The name Zantho comes from documentation from 1488 which refers to the German settlement by the names Anthwaw or Zantho, now Andau.

The brain child of internationally known Austrian winemaker Josef Umathum, Zantho is a carefully planned and managed cooperative of winegrowers surrounding Andau.  Strict vineyard management, compensation based on quality, and the innovative ability to track wine back to its vineyard of origin are the hallmarks of this winery.

The rare woodland lizard that resides on the label is testament to the ecologically sound approach to vineyard work that not only stimulates the vines but also preserves the habitat of numerous animals and microorganisms.